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One of the great sources of satisfaction in my working life is having the opportunity to work alongside such a passionate, engaged and capable group of colleagues as I find myself amongst at Craigclowan.  In our Friday morning briefing this week, I looked about the room and was once again struck by the extent to which this group of professionals cares about their charges.  As ever, the talk focused on pupils, in particular those who might be struggling just now  for whatever reason.  And it is clear that no stone will be left unturned and that no ask is too big.  Very little escapes their notice and they are always willing to go far beyond what can be contained within a job description.  For this, I am immensely grateful.  

On another level, I am aware that the teaching profession not only makes a significant impact upon those children in our care right now.  It is also the crucible out of which all of the other professions emerge.  It is true to say that every professional journey begins at a school.  Here the building blocks are put into place which will allow each child to follow their chosen path and develop into Doctors and Dentists, Solicitors and Surveyors, Architects and Accountants.

So, as we head into the weekend, please spare a thought for these sometimes unsung professionals who give so much to so many.  Thank you all...

John F Gilmour

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