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There is something amazing about the start of a new term.  During my time as a lifeboat crew member we often spoke about the necessity to ‘hit the ground running’...one moment you are in bed asleep and no more than ten minutes later you are fully kitted up and sliding down the slipway into the teeth of a gale.  And something similar happens at the start of a new term (hopefully without the gale).  One moment the campus is hibernating amidst the drowsiness of the holiday period and, seemingly, in the blink of an eye, we are back up and running with all systems go.

The same is true of our pupils and this couldn’t have been more evident than when our potential Head Girls and Head Boys gave their speeches this morning.  With confidence they rose from their holiday slumber and stepped up to the challenge of convincing their peers that they were the person to lead our students for the coming term.  And blimey, they did an impressive job.  To a person they were able to articulate the requirements of the position and identify the personal attributes that they would bring to the role.  We don’t know yet which of them has won the vote and I look forward to announcing this on Monday, once we have had the puff of white smoke, and working with them for the coming term. 

Of course, four of the candidates will be frustrated in their attempt to become Head Boy and Head Girl and to them I can only point them towards our school values.  They will be required to demonstrate some humility over the coming week but, perhaps more importantly, they will need to draw upon their reserves of resilience.  Each one of them could have filled the post well, but only two of them will have been chosen.  I am sure they will dust themselves down, support the chosen candidate and try again next term. 

Good luck!

John F Gilmour

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