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I have been struck recently that a core part of our business of being a school is in helping to create stories.  We all have our story.  Typically they are an accumulation of experiences from our earliest memories to our most recent and are a mixture of good, bad and indifferent.  As I read each of the reports that have been written recently about our pupils, I am struck by just how many and diverse are the characters within our school.  Each of them is building a story; perhaps Jessica with her incredible success riding her mountain bike, Hugo achieving an offer of a place at Eton, Joshua with his prowess fencing or Susie’s achievements with Tetrathlon and Triathlon. And within each pupil’s report is a gem of an achievement from the year which will be added to the accretion of memories which will help form their story.

I had the pleasure this morning, while proudly showing our school to a prospective parent, to drop in on the Transition class in Pre-school practising for their assembly next week.  They stood tall and spoke confidently and loudly about all that they are leaving behind and all that they are looking forward to.  Even at this young age their story is being formed and this is a joy to watch.  And I think that this is the measure of a great Prep School, having the ability to recognise the abilities and passions within each child and then to provide support and present opportunities to enable them to achieve all that they can achieve while they write their own story.

Let’s get writing!

John F Gilmour

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