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On Tuesday, as I welcomed staff and pupils back to school, they sat before me slightly wet from the rain.  This only served to reinforce my point as I spoke about April showers!  More specifically, I spoke about how April showers bring May flowers...the notion that out of adversity miracles can appear.  I often think of this at the start of the summer term; there is much to be optimistic about and lots to look forward to.  However, I am always conscious that it is also the term when there are exams looming, sports days and swimming galas to compete in and prizes to be won on speech day.  It is the term where there is just that little bit more pressure on performance and when, sometimes, unrealistic expectations of ourselves can creep in.  So it is doubly important that we remind ourselves that near misses, not yets, disappointments and even fails are not just an inevitable but actually a crucial part of the learning and development journey.  Like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, the struggle and hardship are fundamental to the successful outcome of a great education.

John F Gilmour

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