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It’s not often I say this, in fact I’m not sure I ever have, but we’ve had a number of disappointments here at Craigclowan this week, although none of them of our making.

After a superb ski day last Saturday, by Tuesday much of the beautiful snow had thawed and been replaced with heavy rain and gritty slush and, once we arrived at Glenshee, our heads were very definitely in the clouds.  And yet our extraordinary pupils in Forms 3, 4 & 5 smiled their way through it and showed real strength of character and, in some cases, most extraordinary determination.

You might remember the wind overnight on Tuesday?  By Wednesday morning, it was becoming apparent that our runners heading to Sedbergh were going to be disappointed by a cancellation.  This was a really fun event last year when we were hosted superbly by Sedbergh School and our pupils got the chance to swim, shoot, board and then run in the superb scenery of the Howgill Fells.  Sadly it was not to be this year and, despite being “gutted”, our runners bounced back as we headed to Pitmedden to slip, slide, skip, jump and splash through the trails.  After we had finished off our run with Chocolate Malteaser slice (thanks Mrs Langley!), smiles were in abundance and, judging by the noise levels, the disappointment had eased.

So, this week I have been impressed and surprised by our young people’s ability to bounce back from disappointment and come up smiling, regardless of the barriers put in their way.  They really are a resilient bunch and I, for one, am full of admiration for their optimism and ability to cope with setbacks.  

Well done to one and all!

John F Gilmour

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