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On Wednesday our fabulous Form 8 pupils led our assembly and shared with the school some of their aspirations for the future.  We know that they are an impressive bunch of young people but it is wonderful to be reminded of this in such a fabulous way.  Amongst them are several future business leaders, an aspirant investment manager, someone who hopes to be a medical researcher finding a cure for cancer, a vet, a doctor and many more worthy occupations too.  One stood out though...amongst these varied career paths, Libby hopes to make a difference to someone's life even if it is only in a small way.  For her, no lofty career ambitions (though I’m sure she has a bright future there too) but certainly a noble aspiration if ever there was one.

Today, when I spoke to the school in assembly, I built upon this and spoke about Hope and Optimism (one of our school values).  I talked about the joy of Spring when, even though we look out of the window at a wintery world covered with snow, we know it is realistic to look forward with optimism and hope, knowing that Spring is around the corner with its amazing riot of first snowdrops then crocuses, bluebells and daffodils.  For me the highlight comes during the busiest week of Spring when the hawthorn blossoms and our world seems filled with bushes covered in popcorn!  I hope that the children took away from this the idea that, though we sometimes feel that we live in a world jaded by hard work and broken promises, we in fact live in an amazing world where it is well worth harbouring hopes and ambitions because they so often come true.  To demonstrate this I showed them a clip from the film Annie...if anyone lived in a tired and jaded world it was orphan Annie and yet she never let this dampen her enthusiasm and hope for a brighter future.

Annie - Tomorrow

John F Gilmour

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