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This morning we marked Remembrance Day by holding our annual Remembrance Day Service.  We were very fortunate to have Nigel Gallier (Physics teacher at Strathallan, ex Green Howards) and Jenny Whitaker (Strathallan sixth form pupil) join us to speak and play the trumpet respectively.  Having served myself, this is a special time for me and one that I believe we should take care to get right.  Having an outside speaker with experience and a trumpeter to play the Last Post and Reveille are an essential part of achieving this.

As ever, Jenny played superbly and Nigel, resplendent in his Green Howard’s Colonel's uniform spoke with sensitivity and authority.  Nigel spoke to the children about exactly what it is that we are remembering on Remembrance Day.  His message is worth repeating:

“...every day spent alive is precious, so, the first thing that I want you to remember on Remembrance Day is that you need to give thanks to God that you are alive.  We’re alive but millions of soldiers have died whilst fighting to protect our country and our way of life.

So, the second thing that I want you to remember on Remembrance Day is that many of the soldiers have given their lives so that you can have a meaningful tomorrow.

So, the third thing that I want you to remember on Remembrance Day, is that you owe it to those soldiers who died for you that you will always do your best to be courageous and live a positive and good life.”   

Lest we forget…

John F Gilmour

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