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Not something you would think to wish upon anyone, particularly over half term, however, much has been written over the last few years to suggest that there is a growing body of research that shows that allowing young people to become bored is a positive thing.  During the busy term time, it often seems that each child has a carefully curated and personalised timetable of activities designed to keep them fully occupied, making progress and out of trouble.  And yet, believe what you read in the papers and you come to understand that this is not always to the young person’s best advantage.  Somewhat counterintuitively, we are now told that less is more and that in fact, allowing your children to become bored can actually stimulate their curiosity, force them to use their imaginations and lead them to be more creative and active.  Whilst I am not one for many idle moments, I can see the wisdom in this approach...to me it makes sense; if we provide everything on a plate, their levels of engagement are lower and there is less need for them to think for themselves.

So...as half term approaches, I hope that you enjoy all of the multitude of activities that you have planned.  However, perhaps also allow there to be some downtime so that our young people can have at least a little time to get bored and consequently, get their imaginations fired up.  You never know what might happen!

John F Gilmour

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