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After a frustrating couple of weeks dealing with two (small) surgeries and the associated recovery, I am glad to now be back behind my desk and feeling fighting fit once more.  Thank you all for your good wishes and forbearance while I was away and thank you to our superb staff for holding the fort in my absence.  

As returns to work go, coming straight back into an Open Morning probably wasn’t the ideal plan.  However, it was a very busy and successful morning so I mustn’t grumble!  I thoroughly enjoy these mornings and love talking to people who are seeing our fine school for the first time.  Yesterday morning I found myself chatting to a charming young couple who had been reading the school website with interest and, in particular, their attention had been caught by the mention of values.  The lady said that she thoroughly approved of this kind of explicit talk of values but she wondered to what extent our young people really pick up on this and whether it has an actual impact.  I told her the story of Sebastian, who has just joined us in Form 1.  I recently had a lovely email from his mother who is thrilled that he is coming home each day happy, mucky and full of smiles.  When she recently asked him what he learns from us at school he said, “we learn how to be good people”.  And that, in a nutshell, is just what we want to hear.  We want to hear that, not only are we talking about values, but that even the youngest pupils in our care recognise that they are being taught how to be good people.  Keep going Sebastian...you will go far!

John F Gilmour

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