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Amongst other, more lighthearted, fare, I enjoyed reading a recent New York Times best seller over the Summer written by Admiral William H. McRaven entitled ‘Make your Bed’.  In it Admiral McRaven shared his thoughts on how we can change our lives, and sometimes even the world, by focusing on some of the seemingly insignificant and most mundane aspects of our lives.  He talked about how, throughout his career as a Navy SEAL and one time adviser to the White House, he began every day by making his bed.  In a world where few things are certain and there are both ups and downs, he describes how beginning every day with a task completed and ending every day with a comfortable, well made bed has brought him both satisfaction and a sense of pride.

If you haven’t read the book I commend it to you...it won’t take you long to read and is available from all good booksellers (I have a copy which I am happy to lend to the first person to come knocking on my door)!

“If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed” Admiral William H. McRaven U.S. Navy Retired

John F Gilmour

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