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Of all of our school values, Kindness is probably the most immediately accessible and understandable of the lot.  While some of the children might need help unpicking what Integrity or Humility mean, that isn’t the case with Kindness; they know instinctively. 

At this end of the Summer Term, when many of us are getting tired and perhaps, even, slightly grumpy, it’s all too easy to let your guard down and take less care over what you say to others than might normally be the case.  I likened our mouths to a toothpaste tube and demonstrated (with some capable help – thanks Ollie and Vinnie) how difficult it is to ‘unsay’ words that we might regret having said (have you ever tried putting toothpaste back into a tube)?!  Although there were plenty of giggles and laughs, there was also a serious message and I feel glad that it was well received by the children. 

We are a kind community, but that isn’t to say we always get it right.  A timely reminder of the importance of kind words and deeds and the importance of putting the needs of others at the front of our minds is never wasted.  So, my assembly this morning was a challenge to them.  Go out into our community and use the power of your words and actions to make others feel happier.  Simple…

“Kindness is a gift that we can all afford to give…”

John F Gilmour

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