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I spoke this morning with the pupils about the importance of kindness. 

I believe without reservation that it is implicit on schools to create a culture of kindness amongst pupils as well as between teachers and pupils and between teachers and teachers.  I often think that kindness comes across as one of those words like ‘nice’ which has been devalued and become passé, however, I suggest that we should do all in our power to reclaim it because, under its umbrella, comes so much else that we ought to admire such as caring, giving, serving, tolerance, empathy and respect.

Teaching children about kindness requires more than simply giving pupils an instruction to be kind to others; it must become a fundamental part of our values and be an example that we give throughout every day.  Both at home and at school we have a part to play in this if kindness is to lie at the heart of our great school (and your great homes).

In trying to achieve this we would do well to consider the words of Isaac Bashevis Singer:
‘Kindness, I’ve discovered, is everything in life.’

John F Gilmour


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