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How lovely it is to sit here in my sunlit study with the sound of singing wafting down the stairs and the laughter and shouts of happy young people playing outside while they wait to be collected to begin their Easter holiday.  All of them have exciting plans ahead and some will be lucky enough to travel and see far flung places.  I reminded them this morning in assembly of Mollie Hughes, the Everest summiteer who visited us recently to talk about her return to Everest in a few weeks.  She inspired us and it will bring enormous pleasure to many of us as we follow her expedition on her website, Facebook and Twitter.  And I believe it is hugely important for us to have these sorts of role models who can remind us just what we are capable of achieving with a little determination, resilience and ambition.  We all wish her luck and look forward to welcoming her back in a few months when she will speak to us on Speech Day.

So wherever you are heading and whatever your plans, I hope that you enjoy the break, recharge the batteries and enjoy some adventures, whether they are near or far!

John F Gilmour


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