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As we arrive at the end of what has been a very busy week, it is good to pause and reflect briefly upon life in our school.  We have spent a great deal of effort over the last few weeks preparing for our open day and making sure that the school is looking its best.  This has not only included painting, cutting, tidying and polishing, but has also involved a great deal of effort putting up displays which gives a great opportunity to show off the hard work that our youngsters have been putting in. 

We have also put a great deal of effort into marketing ourselves and trying to build awareness in the area of our fabulous community and the great work that is going on here at Craigclowan.  Clearly this has been working well because we have been inundated with visitors wanting to look around the school…a nice problem to have.  I’m pleased to say that we have had a large number of new pupils apply for places to the point where we are looking like we will soon need to turn people away in certain year groups…another nice problem to have!

Of course, it is vitally important in all of this to recognise that our number one priority must always be our current pupils and staff.  They are the vibrant, beating heart of our school and it is them that we are here to serve.  Luckily I have had plentiful opportunities this week to spend time in classrooms and I have been encouraged and proud to witness the purposeful and engaged environment within which our young people are working.  When I speak to them about their work they are universally interested, knowledgeable, passionate and engaged with what they have been learning…no wonder they are making such excellent progress.

John F Gilmour

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