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Here at Craigclowan, we have begun this year as we began the last one, talking about values.  In my assembly on Tuesday I spoke to the school about New Year’s resolutions and then tied this in with our values such as Optimism, Adventure and Resilience. 

I focussed on these in particular, not only because they seem very appropriate at the start of a new year, but also because they tie in neatly with an excellent book that I have been reading recently by Ken Robinson called ‘The Element’.  Ken Robinson is a self-styled ‘creativity expert’ and in this book he argues that each of has an element, the place where natural talent meets personal interest.  He contends that when we can find this sweet spot we enable young people to thrive and ultimately make the most of their potential.  I won’t spoil the book for you, however, if you would like to get a flavour of Ken’s thinking on creativity you might like to join the other 42,833,545 people who have watched his 2006 TED talk on schools and creativity.

What he does say, though, is that in reality we have no idea what these young people’s futures will hold.  Scarily I worked out that a Form 8 pupil leaving us this year will be retiring in something like 2070…how can we possibly know what they will encounter along the way?!  Ken suggests that it will be creativity that will allow them to navigate the maze to come and therefore it is something vital that we should nurture.

What I suggested to the children on Tuesday was that a good first step along the way is to challenge ourselves this year to get out of our comfort zones…it is possible, that if we do, we might just find that something magic happens.

John F Gilmour


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