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As we navigate our way through exam week, I have spent a considerable amount of my time speaking with senior school Registrars, Admissions Tutors and Heads. In order to prioritise who I speak to and reduce the task to manageable levels, we have analysed which schools we have sent pupils to over the years. In the last five years we have sent pupils to 19 different schools, five south of the border and 14 north of the border. Look a little further back and this grows to over 70 schools, 44 of them south of the border and 26 in Scotland. In terms of number of pupils, by far the biggest numbers of pupils have gone to Scottish schools, however, you don’t have to look far down the list to see substantial numbers heading to English schools with Downe House, Eton, Queen Margaret’s York, St Mary’s Calne, Ampleforth, Millfield, Stonyhurst and Rugby each receiving significant numbers.

These strong relationships with a broad selection of schools is vital and something which we work hard to maintain. And I am constantly surprised by how small a world the independent sector is and how often I discover shared acquaintances and friends in common with those I meet.  Indeed, only last week I met and enjoyed tea with a senior school Head who had taken over as Head at my old school only a year after I had finished being Head Boy…A small, but fascinating, world indeed!

John F Gilmour

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