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Any news story with education at its heart tends to grab my attention. So imagine my excitement on Wednesday night, while watching the 10 o’clock news on the BBC, to discover that an education story was one of the headlines. What was the story you may well wonder? Of course, it was who had won the Great British Bake Off!  I was mildly surprised when this story went on to become the most popular story on the BBC news website on Thursday.

And you might wonder how this was an education story. Well, it was because the winning contestant, Candice Brown, moonlights by day as a PE teacher in a school. The news story confirmed that nearly 15 million viewers had tuned in to see her be crowned in the season finale. For me this is excellent publicity for a profession that I have given my working life to and which I believe is a deeply worthwhile way to contribute towards society. I have to confess that I have actually watched less that a minute’s worth of the show in all the time that it has been on air, however, I understand that Miss Brown acquitted herself well and was a good role model for our young people.

What was refreshing about it was that it reminded me that we all have hidden talents, depths and interests. As far as the children here are concerned, I am reminded of this every Friday when I hand out medals, rosettes, certificates and cups for the myriad pastimes and activities that our pupils are involved in out of school (recently it has been horse riding, pentathlon, clothes designing and mountain biking). Amongst the staff there is an equally diverse set of talents; we have triathletes, painters, flower arrangers, thespians, yoga instructors and athletes of various persuasions. The Rev John Murdoch mentioned recently in an assembly that we should be careful not to judge a book by its cover…equally, we should be careful not to judge each other only by what we see on the surface here at school.  No doubt we all have hidden depths and talents.

John F Gilmour

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