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As half term approaches, it seems right to reflect upon the last seven weeks and consider the journey that we have been on. One of the major changes this term has been a dramatic increase in the number of assemblies taking place. This has brought the significant benefit of giving us time when we can invite visitors into the school to speak to us all.  It has also made time for each form or year group to present their own assembly to the school. This not only helps to build and strengthen our sense of community and belonging, but also gives each and every pupil in the school the opportunity to stand in front of the school and speak. Of course, this is hard work to achieve and I am immensely grateful to the hard-working staff who have found time to prepare and rehearse their form assemblies. I know that it is not always easy (and is sometimes outside of our comfort zone), however, the benefits make it worthwhile. This morning was a particular treat. Form 1 took their position at the front of the room and presented their assembly with real aplomb. Each of them stepped forward and spoke in turn without hesitation or apparent nerves. They then led us in song and prayer and did so in fine style. So, well done Form 1 (and Mrs Clark, Mrs Young and Mrs Pattinson) - you can now relax and enjoy the half term break!

John F Gilmour

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