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As each new term begins, but particularly the Winter term, one of the school values leaps to the fore.  Both in the classrooms and in the staffroom, there is a palpable sense of optimism.  New pupils and new teachers have joined our community and are just beginning to carve out a niche for themselves amongst us.  It gives me huge pleasure to watch this process and to witness their incredible spirit of optimism.  There are new challenges ahead and there may be things that we are anxious about, however, it is optimism that seems to rise above all else.  It makes me proud to see each member of our school get to grips with the changes and begin to tackle each new thing. 

I spoke with the pupils (and staff) last Friday about just this.  I stressed to them that a new year can be an opportunity to embrace change and to reinvent ourselves.  It can be a chance to break free from the chains of old habits or reputations and become more like the person we really wish to be.  So the disorganised or scruffy pupil can get organised or smart.  The child who is slow to begin a task can become determined to be the first to start.  The pupil who finds learning hard can decide to persevere with each task until they become easier.  And this applies equally to our staff.  During our training days before the start of term, we spent some time as individuals thinking about our objectives for the coming year.  I suspect many of the staff may well, as I have, stuck a little note somewhere which details what they hope to achieve this year.  To do this is almost the very definition of optimism.  It shows a very real belief that change is possible and that we can and should challenge ourselves to take the next steps along our journey.

I hope that you also share this optimism and have a challenging but ultimately satisfying year ahead!

John F Gilmour

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