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By the time you read this, our votes will have been cast and the outcome of the referendum on Europe will be known.  We will either have committed to a common future within Europe or we will have decided to cut loose and go it alone.  The Clash song, ‘Should I Stay or Should I go Now’ springs to mind (so does the Hokey Cokey but we won’t dwell on that one) and I have to say, I’m fascinated to know the result. 

Pondering on all this over the last few months has made me realise how much of our life is governed by decisions.  Often these are small details of life but ones that we must ultimately make a choice about.  Sometimes, of course, they can be truly life-changing decisions.  I have been struck by just how vital it is that we equip the young people in our care with the skills to make these decisions and to do so with confidence.  There are a myriad of ways that we can do this, though I am particularly pleased to have witnessed the new ‘Trim Trail’ being erected this week.  This has been generously funded by the PTA but the decision making has been made by our Pupil Council here at school.  They have met repeatedly to decide which companies to get quotes from, which quotes they like and any adjustments that are needed.  They’ve had to look at the costs and consider both quality, functionality and the all-important fun-factor.  All that remains now is for them to meet to decide whether any rules are required and if there is a need for rotas (and of course to begin thinking about phase 2)!

So, thank you to the PTA for their funding.  Thank you also to the Pupil Council for their wisdom and fine decision making.  And, whichever way the nation has voted, I hope that you are not too disappointed and have an excellent weekend.  

John F Gilmour

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