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As I sit and type this I’ve just realised how much of the last month has been spent by members of our community writing.  Prospective parents often ask me if we still do ‘writing’ when there is so much technology in the classroom.  The answer is a resounding yes! 

Pupils have been writing revision notes then exam scripts, staff have written their question papers and are now busy writing reports, the admin team are doing everything they usually do but have minutes from a large number of meetings to add to the burden and all of the additional communication with parents that comes with the end of the summer term. 

As for me?  I’ve been beavering away with presentations to give to new parents, labouring over Governors’ reports, writing end of year reports for parents and of course, the small matter of a speech for the last day of term.  Jokes about its length are just beginning to be made and people are starting to make subtle enquiries as to how long it will last to give them a chance of winning the sweepstake!  In all this I am minded to remember the old adage that less is more.  And if you need evidence that this is indeed true, remember the following: The Lord’s prayer – 54 words.  The Ten Commandments – 297 words.  The American Declaration of Independence – 300 words.  The EU Directive for exporting duck eggs – 26,911 words.

I hope you have a superb weekend.

John F Gilmour

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