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To spend time with a group of young people is undoubtedly a privilege.  Anyone effectively employed in the teaching profession will confirm this.  Sadly, one of the realities of Headship is that much less time is spent with young people and far more with adults and paperwork (the highlights of my week are, without doubt, my chances to teach Form 6 maths and read to Form 1).  So this week has been a particular pleasure in so far as I have enjoyed attending the junior sports day which was a tremendous occasion.  Smiles and laughter abounded and happy faces seemed to be all about.  Of course, the glorious Perthshire sun and the ice-cream van at the end helped make the occasion! 

I also particularly enjoyed spending time with Form 8 yesterday.  I am proud to say that they have completed the Common Entrance and Scholarship season with aplomb and are now ready to embark on the next stage of their journey.  The Form 8 leavers programme this year is varied with a mixture of creative work, life skills, nostalgia, ceremony, adventure and, of course, the annual Form 8 dramatic production.   They are a fine bunch of young people, I’d go so far as to say one of the best groups of Form 8 pupils I recall, and will certainly be a hard act for next year’s Form 8 to follow.  So of course I am delighted that I had the presence of mind a few months ago to volunteer to spend some time with them over the next few weeks.  We have already broken bread and played games together.  By the end of term we will also have climbed a Munro, camped out and raised money for their chosen charity plus much more. 

There is much to look forward to…

John F Gilmour

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