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If you have visited the school website, other than the blog, since the start of term you might notice that it has had something of a makeover.  This goes beyond the superficial, though a huge amount of work has gone into the layout and look of it.  However, it is the content that has probably taken more time to get right.  This started in early January with time spent during the staff training day talking about what we stand for as a school.  These ‘values’ are what we hope define us as a community and if we do our job right, will become our collective identity.  For those reading who haven’t spotted them, here they are:

Respect - Having an unconditional positive regard for others is the cornerstone of our family.  We value differences highly rather than being frightened by them.

Integrity - We believe in being honest with ourselves at the deepest level and strive to reflect this in our actions and words.

Kindness - We wish to be a welcoming, caring and inclusive community where children and adults alike can feel valued and grow in confidence.

Adventure - We acknowledge that life is a big adventure.  We believe that there is a whole world out there to be explored and we want to build the courage and strength of character to face it.

Humility - We believe in conducting ourselves with a generosity of spirit while praising effort and fair play and celebrating our successes with modesty.

Optimism - To prepare for the future we encourage each other to believe in ourselves and approach each challenge and opportunity with energy and hope.

Resilience - We believe that as much can be learnt from a failure as a success.  We strive to develop resilience so that when we fail we can bounce back with the determination to have another go.

How we embed these values is the next challenge…for my part, I will talk about a value as the general theme during each of my Headmaster’s assemblies on Fridays.  I will also take opportunities to talk about them in meetings with staff and with parents.  You will notice that I have already been writing about them in my blogs too.  This will then be compounded by staff using them as reference points in the classrooms and talking about them in PSHE lessons and tutor time. 

If you haven’t already, please do look through the rest of the website.  It is not completely finished yet so we’d welcome your input if you think it can be improved upon.

John F Gilmour


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