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For me, there is something special about the start of the summer term.  For one thing, a school sounds different in the summer; more activity is taking place outside and so we hear the thwack of a cricket bat on ball, mowers spluttering into life after their winter hibernation and the sound of the abundant wildlife.  And somehow there is a fresher, lighter feel to the school, doors are open, windows ajar and we have removed many of the layers that have swaddled us through the winter months.  It is a time of renewal and promise, a time for new challenges and new beginnings.

In my assembly this morning I showed the children a clip from the 2008 film ‘Yes Man’ starring Jim Carrey.  At the start of the film Jim’s character is withdrawn and unhappy and has an increasingly negative outlook on life.  His friends take him to a motivational seminar which encourages those attending to stop saying no to life’s opportunities and to begin saying yes.  When he finally manages to say yes, the lead character finds it hard to stop and spends the remainder of the film romping through a series of hilarious encounters brought on by him saying yes! 

My message to the children this morning was based upon our school value of Optimism.  I want to help them to prepare for the future by encouraging them to believe in themselves and approach each challenge and opportunity with energy and hope.  Saying yes to opportunities can be a good way to kick start this.  It won’t always work out as expected and, as in the film, will sometimes bring some surprises, however, I hope that they will discover that these experiences will enrich their journey through life. 

Let’s say yes to opportunity and proceed with optimism!

John F Gilmour

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