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I’m not a big one for jargon and the latest buzzwords.  Neither am I particularly fond of the latest education department initiative.  However, the push a few years ago by the Department for Education in England for ‘Community Cohesion’ truly resonated with me.  Time and again in my career I have witnessed first-hand the value of both building a functioning, powerful community within a school but also, vitally, building connections with the community beyond the school gates.  It is abundantly clear that communities matter to schools and schools matter to communities.  There is an unequivocal interdependence.

For this very reason, I have been hugely encouraged by the vibrant community here at Craigclowan.  I’ve also been impressed by the strong links between the school community and both the local and wider global community.  These connections have been particularly evident over the last couple of weeks as our young people have done their bit ‘Performing in Perth’, raising money for the air ambulance and our Form 8 pupils presenting their Fairtrade pitches to our very own Den of Dragons. 

This willingness and desire to play a part and contribute, not just to our own community, but also to those around us, is a fundamental part of what we need to do to prepare the young people in our care to be fully functioning global citizens of the future.

I am happy to report that community is alive and well here at Craigclowan.

John F Gilmour

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