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So here we are, back from half term and no sooner is that forgotten than we are into Scholarship season.  All of our Form 8s are working hard towards their senior school entry and a significant number have been working with a real sense of urgency as their Scholarship exams rapidly approach.  One of the particularly satisfying parts of my job is the small part that I play in this process when I give them their mock interviews.  The reason for my satisfaction is that this is the moment when the incredible journey of growth that they have undertaken during their time here becomes manifestly clear.  Sitting in front of me will be an intelligent, articulate, engaging and enthusiastic young person of whom you as parents, and we as staff, can be incredibly proud.  Of course not all will be successful, though many will, and we must be mindful that the true benefit of the process has been in the purposeful journey and not the outcome itself.  I wish them all the very best of luck but particularly want them to know that they have already achieved a great thing, even before the result is known.

John F Gilmour

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