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At Craigclowan School Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is used as an integral part of many lessons across the curriculum. In addition, pupils have regular sessions in the ICT room from pre-school age until they leave at the end of Form Eight. By Form 4 they are familiar with the school system and can log in, open and save work with ease. In Form 4 they begin using MS Excel to create simple charts and graphs, they learn specific word processing and desk top publishing skills, and learn how to create simple graphics. In Form 5 pupils use the Internet to undertake specific research and develop their desk top publishing skills further to produce fact sheets, they develop their spreadsheet skills by learning simple formulae and setting up spreadsheet models. In Form 6 pupils learn how to create multimedia PowerPoint presentations and further word processing skills. In Form 7 pupils develop their spreadsheet skills by creating more sophisticated models and using the model to make predictions. In Form 8 pupils use their ICT skills to produce their CE Geography project which combines spreadsheets, desktop publishing and word processing skills, they learn the principles of databases and how to set up, search and produce database reports.

ICT Examples of Class Work

Year 8 - Geography Project
Year 7 - Famous Scot (1 of 2)
Year 7 - Famous Scot (2 of 2)
Year 7 - Rules Poster (1 of 2)
Year 7 -Rules Poster (2 of 2)
Year 6 - Giraffes Don't Swim
Year 5 - Queen Victoria (1 of 2)
Year 5 - Queen Victoria (2 of 2)

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