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Hockey Reports for Week Beginning 11.09.17 (updated re under 11s 21.09.17)

Under 13A Girls Hockey Craigclowan v Cargilfield 

(13.09.17) Our Under 13A team had an impressive start to the season against Cargilfield on Wednesday at home. Despite very wet conditions, the girls played really well as a team, and I was delighted with their passing and communication on the pitch. A strong defence, with Maisie, Louisa, and Sophia at the back, kept Cargilfield out of their attacking D, and only 1 short corner was given away in the whole match. 

Impressive work by our forwards, using our post position that we have been practising in our games lessons, gave us an early 2-0 lead, with goals by Olivia and Susie. In the second half, we came out strong and determined, to keep our lead and find 2 more goals; a deflection by Alyssa and a high flick by Susie into the top right hand corner of the goal. Woman of the match was awarded to Susie, by the Cargilfield team.

Final Score:

Craigclowan v Cargilfield: Won 4 - 1 (goals scored Susie (2), Olivia (1), Alyssa(1))

Under 13B Girls Hockey Craigclowan Cargilfield

(13.09.17) On a very wet Wednesday afternoon, the girls had their first game of the season against Cargilfield.  The girls played together well, especially as this was their first time playing as a team.  There was some great movement around the pitch, finding space and the forwards of Annie, Olivia and Charlotte worked hard to keep the ball in Carilfield’s D for much of the match.  Cargilfield had a few breaks and managed to score on these occasions.

In the second half we scored a goal early on, with Annabel working extremely hard in the mid position.  In the end the Cargilfield forwards were too fast for our defenders and we conceded two more goals.  It was a positive start to the season and although we need to work on marking and being more goal hungry, we have many positive points to take forward to the next game.  Woman of the match was awarded to Annie, by the Cargifield team.

Final Score

Craigclowan v Cargilfield: Lost 2 – 4  (goals scored Annie (1), Charlotte (1))

Well done girls and thank you to all the parents who braved the rain to come and support. 

U11C v Cargilfield (A) Wednesday 13/9/17

In their inaugural match of the season, the U11C team took on a strong Cargilfield side. Although some individuals showed good skills, the team is still to work on its positioning and playing the ball wide.  A lot was learnt in the match though and special mentions should go to Louisa J who remained solid as a rock in defence, clearing the ball from the D time and again, and Klara T who was tireless in her role in the midfield, determined not to let a tackle go past her.   In the end however, the Cargilfield side saw through to victory.  Better luck next time girls. 

Mrs Earl

U11D v Cargilfield (A) 13/9/17

Our very young U11D team put in a great effort against Cargilfield.  Although they did not win, we saw some excellent individual play and the team begin to think about positioning themselves more effectively and trying not to cluster around the ball.  Luisa A worked tirelessly on the wing and showed great determination.  Lottie O-E was a super star defender and her reliable whopper hit took the ball out of our danger zone on many occasions.  Rosie S showed a keen eye and her effective sweeping kept Cargilfield from crossing our goal line as much as they would have liked!  All in all, the D team showed promise and fingers crossed will work on their potential in their next match.  Well done girls.  

Mrs Earl


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