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Form 8 - World of Microbes and Light Science Morning

(15.03.18) On 15th March, Form 8 had a visit from Mr P. Vallot and Mr. E. Kalman from the Science Department at Strathallan. They were introduced to the world of microbes and learned that these living things are so tiny, that millions could fit on a dot. Form 8 discovered that although they are invisible, they are everywhere and can multiply very quickly. Microbes are vital for life on earth, and do all sorts of things – from giving us a cold and making yoghurt to wearing down mountains and helping to make the air we breathe.  All the pupils had a chance to prepare two petri-dishes of their hands (one before washing and one after). They were also given the chance to go over the properties of light and were informed that by using bioluminescence gel in the presence of U.V. light, it was possible to detect the presence of bacteria.

It was a very interesting morning!


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