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Form 8 Edinburgh Visit

(02.02.18) On Friday 2nd February, Form 8 travelled to Edinburgh with Mr Adams and Mr Doak for an action packed day.

First, we visited Mary Kings Close, where we learned about Edinburgh’s hidden history. Our guide was the ‘Spanish Ambassador to the Scottish Court’, who told us about the gruesome living conditions of the 16th century. Plague, pestilence and poverty amid cries of ‘Gardyloo!’ – a poor Scots pronunciation of ‘look out for the water’ in French – which rolled down the hill into the Norloch (now Princes Street Gardens) and formed a cesspit so thick that the water had a crust. Lovely! An interesting visit spiced up with talks of haunted houses and ghosts.

After a pleasant walk and picnic lunch in Princes Street Gardens, we made our way to Camera Obscura which is Latin for ‘dark chamber’.  From a Victorian rooftop chamber, we were able to see live, moving images of Edinburgh projected on to a viewing table through a giant periscope. Form 8 were treated to fantastic views of Edinburgh and explored five floors packed with interactive optical experiences.

What a fantastic day!



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