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Forms 4 and 5 Rock the School Out!

This year we let the Form 5 children write a review of their Christmas Show!

Last Friday the audience was wowed by a fairy tale play done by Forms 4 and 5.  This play was called Cinderella Rockerfella.

The outstanding music was played by Mr Olafsson and the upbeat drums were played by Mr McPherson.  The bright lights were controlled by Mrs Dibnah and the sound was done by Mr Doak.  The amazing directors were Mrs Earl, Mrs McKelvey and Mrs Whitelaw.

Cinderella Rockerfella is a story with a twist.  The twist is that Prince Charming is a rock star called Rockerfella. Cinderella was played by Eve B and Rockerfella was played by Mairi T.  Eve and Mairi blew me away with their singing.  Fairy G was played by Auriol H, her singing was delightful to hear.  Cinderella Rockerfella would not be complete without our Ugly Sisters who were absolutely amazing.  They were played by Rafferty H and Jamie E. 

I would rate this show 5 stars.


By Iona S 5M

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