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Fettes Codebreaking Day

(23.02.18) Eight pupils from Craigclowan attended the Fettes Codebreaking day. 

The day started with a talk from Mathematician, Dr James Grime.  He gave an interesting talk on the history of breaking codes and had an original Enigma machine with him!   This was used by the Germans during the Second World War to send encrypted messages by radio.  This code was famously solved by the Mathematician, Alan Turing, and his team at Bletchley Park.

The children and Dr Grime encoded words using the Enigma machine which was still in fine working order.  Dr Grime then set the pupils some codes to decipher after a spy inspired snack - the pupils’ squash was ‘shaken not stirred’! 

The rest of the day involved code and spy themed activities and it was a very enjoyable and informative day.

 Thank you to Fettes for hosting a great day and thank you to the parents who dropped the children off early in the morning for the journey to Fettes.

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