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Cross-Country Running Inter-House Challenge

(21.11.17) The absence of inter-school event this term means that the respective competive streaks of our cross-country runners, have been focused on the Inter-House Challenge. So, as soon as exams were over, the opportunity to run for house points was there.

Speed was indeed the key factor but participation was also important as each runner was able to score, just by sweating out the soggy, two lap course.

It was one of those dreich days, where full daylight never quite seems to be reached; the sky was low, but the air relatively mild.

After much battling in semi-darkness, on a hilly course of mud, track and occasional tarmac, a gradual stream of 29 children, each sporting their respective house colours, crossed the finish line, exhausted but elated.

Each runner was clearly eager to find out whether enough points had been accumulated in order to be the victor. Calculations revealed that this year, SKYE was the overall winner, thanks to the stamina and determination of Susie R (first girl and 3rd overall), Louisa and Mairi T, Max M, Josh A, Charlotte F, Ben W, Fig G, Sasha P and Jessica W. The winning Boy was Jamie L (Lewis).

Everyone ran hard and each young athlete deserves a round of applause.

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